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The research, carried out by casino games outfit Ruby Fortune, has produced a global heatmap of supposed cheater density. According to the website, this was done by analysing 'search trend and search volume data to reveal where in the world is most likely to cheat while playing online multiplayer video games'. Data Games; Fun, Free, Informational Online Data Games & Activities. Jason Walker August 27, 2020 Education. Data is a collection of truths and facts, such as the measurements or descriptions of things. With data, adults with big jobs are able to figure out the causes of many different problems in the world as well as find the solution for them ... Data and Graphing Online Games In our interactive data games, your students will learn the process of collecting, organizing, and displaying information in a variety of ways. With challenges for students from preschool to fifth grade, these data games allow your students to practice everything from color and shape sorting to creating bar graphs ... Data Games - Actualité et tests sur les jeux vidéo, jeux de société, bande-dessinée, comics et manga. Donnez votre avis et rejoignez la communauté! People like games, but don't really understand data. If you can map the data to a game, people can learn about it without having to pore over reams of spreadsheets and XML documents. Making a game out of open data allows you take something useful, but inherently dull, and give it a fun skin. Essentially, making a game about open data is just a ... These data handling games and activities help children to understand how data can be displayed in various ways including pictograms, bar charts, pie charts and tally charts. They provide opportunities for data analysis and for children to create their own bar and tally charts. Playing computer games creates a lot of data, which usually disappear when the game is over. But in Data Games, you learn to analyze data that are saved, learning math and data skills that help you win! Short videos show you how to play each game and use data from your game play to develop winning strategies. Data Handling Games. Fun and free data handling maths games aimed at Key Stage 2 children including activities such as carroll diagrams, block graphs, mode, median, mean and range, probability and frequency diagrams with tallying. These examples provide an excellent opportunity for children to learn maths concepts through ICT. August digital games revenue totaled $10.8B, up 16% year-over-year. Digital console earnings grew the most and were up 88% compared to the same month in 2019. Revenue also rose by 15% on PC and 3% on mobile. Digital games have earned $82.8B through the first eight months of 2020, a growth of 13% from the same time span last year. Data games are games that use real-world information for creating their content. Data is incorporated into game content under the assumption that players should view, learn and interact with such data during gameplay. However, data in its raw form is usually not suitable for direct use in-game, and need to be transformed.

Quick and Dirty Parts Review: Crossbone X1 Kai, Altron, AND Pilots Edition (Week of 7/7) (also with pictures)

2020.07.08 10:23 GILGANSUS Quick and Dirty Parts Review: Crossbone X1 Kai, Altron, AND Pilots Edition (Week of 7/7) (also with pictures)

Quick and Dirty Parts Review: Crossbone X1 Kai, Altron, AND Pilots Edition (Week of 7/7) (also with pictures)
You know the definition of insanity? Well, I'm pretty sure I'm encroaching that territory, because, well, I'm just doing the whole week's review in one post. Thankfully(?), there's only a few pieces worth any mention, and I'm frankly kind of tired of seeing mediocre parts and coming up with the same crap every week, but Bamco's gonna Bamco and Bamco we shall. With that out of the way, disclaimer: this is a review based on their general, non-specified viability according to my personal understanding of the game mechanics. I'm not going to consider subjective opinions like aesthetics or "faithfulness" to the source material in its grade, although I may comment on it. Do note that unless it's something exceptional, I'm going to generally ignore defensive stats since it only really matters to give bonuses through the Gear system (and it's usually better to go for raw offense instead of fiddling with high defense). Also, stats will consider Marks (they're really not that hard to get) and max level, but lv. 1 Traits and Skills.
Rating is as follows:
  • F: lolno.
  • D: lolno. Get it for the paint.
  • C: MIGHT get some use, but generally avoided.
  • B: MIGHT get some use
  • A: PROBABLY get some use
  • S: SHOULD get some use
  • EX: Does not fit into scale for one reason or another
  • Plus and Minus should be self explanatory
EX skills are abbreviated: D/A/120/30 means D in Pierce, A in Power, 120 seconds of total Cooldown, and 30 seconds of Initial Cooldown. Also, A Power EX Skills will be referred to as APEX or Overkill Skills.

This review will feature both "pull" grade and "general" grade, respectively; this is a normal banner, which means the parts will be obtainable via the ticket system after the event is over. Generally speaking, it's better to skip pulling these banners unless you are new at the game, as chances of pulling a single part from any banner is abysmally low. The Pull grade is basically for the new players' consideration. That said, save your Haro coins for Sokai banners and use those Material/Parts exchange tickets! Use this post as a reference guide on parts that this suit will be competing with.
With that out of the way, I'mma start with CROSSBONE X1 KAI.

Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai (Kai again for some reason)

EX Skill Animation:\_gbm/status/1280720949571026945?s=20
(I post this with all of my reviews now. I HIGHLY recommend watching these, since it's from the official page.)

Head: A/B+ (A)
Interesting piece starting off. What we have here is a melee-focused version of Gusion Rebake Fullcity's head part, granting 17% EX Skill Power after shooting down 2 enemies. Just like GRFC, I don't have data on whether or not this can occur multiple times; if it does, it has a unique place as a scaling monster, and Melee builds will likely see use for this regardless, since it has one of the better activation requirements for a non-Sokai part to grant EX Power, and is perfectly suitable for non-Arena usage. It does lose points for its subpar Tags, which isn't terribly uncommon.

Chest: C+/C-
I guess the devs were asking each other how to handle the game's most busted part when it got released as a "premium" version. Well, we have a melee focused part and EX Skill that doesn't home in. The damage output on paper should be nice, since Pierce is always good to have on a high-Power part, but besides that... Trash Tags and above average Melee Atk. TO BE FAIR, for whatever reason you need an EX Skill for the CHEST SLOT specifically, these are probably the best offensive EX Skill you can get; whether it's worth sacrificing this slot for a piece with bad Tags is your call.

Arms: B-/D-
Did anyone order a store brand version of Nobel Arms? Here ya go. Worse Melee Atk and Defense, worse tags, and a "+" to its Power compared to Nobel. As long as you don't mind the feminine look, there's just no real reason to pick this part from Tags alone. But hey, if you're new and you pull it, they're not "bad", just... inferior.

Legs: B/B
Oh, finally, we have something unique. These would be the first A+PEX skill for this slot, the king of all Power based EX Skills. These things usually have poor range, and the video highlight used this at a very close range, so I expect that here as well. Besides that though, we have Protag, which is nice, and unremarkable stats (above average MDef... who cares tho). I can't think of many instances where you really NEED the + for your APEX Skill, but if you really, REALLY want to make sure that MF is dead AF, here ya go I guess.

Back: C-/D+
Well, I'm not sure what they want to do here. Protag is, again, always nice to have, and EX Skill CD reduction for the Back slot is actually unique, but.... That's really it. Not bad, but why would you waste a critical slot for something mediocre like CD reduction? (To clarify, this doesn't decrease your initial cooldown, and only becomes meaningful when it's stacked, but that sacrifices a lot of power, so... don't.)

Melee weapon: B/D-
Oh look, a subpar whip. Just use Master Cloth from Master Gundam. (Same element, better stats, better Tags)

Ranged weapon: D/D
Oh look, a subpar rifle. With a... wide-range EX skill I guess? I don't have the funds to pull this banner just to test these things out, but it looks like it's a very wide-angle skill, but the D in Power is just not worth looking into, or pulling, generally speaking. Protag doesn't really save it either.

Shield: D+/F
lol they took the event part and made it worse

Conclusion for Crossbone X1 Kai (squared)

We get full set tickets this week. Don't save them for these to become available. Not bad for newbies overall, but there's really no reason to pull this banner, unless you missed out on the freebie event week and you really want to become a pirate.

Altron Gundam (EW)

EX Skill Animation:\_gbm/status/1280728370632785921?s=20

Head: C/C-
Close Combat and high Melee Atk (highest non-Sokai IIRC) for a slot that shouldn't be focusing on raw stats, ruined entirely by Head Vulcan like so many others. This is better than some, which is always depressing. I'd recommend focusing on getting a Protag+CC combo for this slot.

Chest: C/C-
Bamco can't seem to give anything other than Self-Destruct to Wing suits. It's a bad skill you should avoid unless you're doing something really, really weird, and Close Combat Tag and high Melee Atk (close to highest non-Sokai) doesn't really save it.

Arms: B+/B-
Look back to what I said for Crossbone earlier and that's the same here. It's just reskinned Nobel, with worse stats and similar Tags. These definitely do look cool, so if you prioritize visuals, these are not a bad choice, but for min-maxers, just a Nobel. Having 0 armor also hurts. Side note, I can't remember if Nobel has a dash animation, but these do. If Nobel's doesn't, these gain value as a proper alternative.

Legs: C/D
These follow the same trend of high Melee Atk (near top for non-Sokai, again) and Close Combat. Unfortunately, again, that's kind of it, as the Trait is worthless to most builds.

Back: C/D
Literally the same exact thing I said for Legs apply here. Word for word.

Melee weapon: D/F
Oh look, it's Peacock Smasher, but it's a stick this time. Atrocious Melee Atk with a decent EX Skill.... for the absolutely most important slot for melee builds. Want a better version of this? Just get the Beam Javelin (Gundam). (Or don't, because that's not exactly a top tier part either.)

Conclusion for Altron:

We get full set tickets this week. Don't save them for these to become available. Not bad for newbies overall, but there's really no reason to pull this banner, unless you really want dragons on your arms and you're too cool for Dragon Gundam.


Shagia Frost: A+
Yoyoyo, we might be onto something here. Mr. Frost here comes with Ace Exlusive AND High Firepower, which is a first for Pilots. He's a Middle Shooter though, so if you're not using any parts that require that license, this is a VERY good pilot. The Shot Atk and weak Trait bring him down slightly, but still an extremely good pick.

Fuala Griffon: A-
For a 3-star, she's not bad either. 1142 Shot Atk for a Blue pilot is definitely top-tier, and Long-Range Tag may be useful to some Shooter builds. She's essentially a slightly (but not exclusively) worse version of Shiho, which is still good.

Conclusion for Pilots:

If you're suffering from Gacha withdrawal or something and MUST pull something this week, pull Pilots. Seriously. You can get Crossbone's head or legs later with Exchange.

Conclusion for Conclusion:

Aaaand there you have it folks, a big fat ugly mess of a post to cover everything you can pull this week. Better than nothing I guess, but I know Altron is a popular suit to many, and the arms aren't bad, so if that's your thing, go for it. Condolences for Peacock Smasher lovers though.
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2020.02.26 05:50 skydevil10 GBGW NEWS: VER 1.3 Update

Source:JP website

AR Function─────────

"AR function" will be added to "Photo Studio" in the game. You can shoot your own assembled Gunpla with real scenery background. The captured images can also be posted to SNS from within the game, so take this opportunity to show “My Gunpla in the Real World” to friends and family!

Custom Color Painting─────────

A painting function "Custom Color" that allows you to set original preset colors is added. By adjusting the 5 items of "Hue", "Saturation", "Brightness", "Glossy" and "Metallic", it is possible to paint the aircraft with completely original colors.

Builder Training─────────

"Builders Training" (Building Training) is a training function that allows you to newly strengthen parts. By collecting "build points" and exchanging "tests" for each Gunpla by lottery, it is possible to increase the parameter by setting "tests" to parts. Each part has a slot for setting a "test", and the number of slots can be released by awakening the part.
The "Build Points" required to exchange "Proofs" can be obtained by completing five training programs (Job License, Attributes, and Word Tag Builds) that are released daily. The points earned can be increased by building each training theme, or by increasing the build combat strength to a certain value.

Loadout Saving─────────

Add a function to save your favorite Gundam builds. My set registration can be set even if it is duplicated with other gunpla parts as well as online entry. You can easily change parts, so please use it.

Story mode Chapter 9─────────

Sana and Ichiho
[Soukai Cultural Festival is held! ] The Gunpla club, which welcomes its new member, Ichiho, will participate in the Cultural Festival at the "Gunpla Battle Experience". Sana and the others are busy with many battle applicants. At the peak of trying to enjoy the cultural festival, tough enemies started appearing one after another ...?

Free Mission 9 Normal/Hard─────────

Banner image
"Free Mission 9" (Normal / Hard) is newly added.

Other Quality of Life Improvements─────────

EN Consumption at mission failure/retirement is "0"
Photo Studio

Raised the Player Lv cap to 170 ─────────

Refined Mission selection ─────────

Added function to switch between Event Missions via tabs.
Added function to review Side Stories from Story Missions.

Updated the Platinum Coin Exchange Lineup─────────

Refined the points you can receive from the Arena as well as Armor─────────

Changed the amount of points you can receive from the Arena and made adjustments to the required points for the Arena Ranking.
Made adjustments to the “Armor” of Gunplas in 1-on-1 Arena battles to provide players with an even greater challenge.

Gunpla Build Contest─────────

Prize for AR gunpla build contest - 00 Gundam Seven Sword
We are looking for works using AR function at "Gunpla Build Contest"!
The “Gundam Breaker Mobile AR Award” will be given in April and May of the “Gunpla Build Contest”, which is currently recruiting aircraft designs appearing in the anime “Gundam Build Divers Re: RISE 2nd Season” currently being held!
The awards for April and May will be selected from the works submitted using the AR function in March, so we look forward to your submissions full of ideas.
If you win the Excellence Award, you will receive one "PG 1/60 Double Gundam Seven Sword / G"! Please check the special website for
detailed application methods and terms .

1.3 Update commemoration Twitter Retweet Campaign────

Every time the number of retweets of Ver.1.3 update related tweets exceeds a certain number in the official Twitter account (@ggame_gbm), a campaign will be carried out in which all users will receive a standard gasha ticket or box expansion ticket etc.

Retweets Reward Quantity
1,000 Box Expansion Ticket 2
3,000 Standard Gacha Ticket 5
5,000 Awakening Circuit δ 1
AI Awakening Circuit δ 1
After Every 1,000 Capital 500,000
Reinforced Nippers / DX (ALL) 5

Data collection date: February 26, 2020 (Wed) after maintenance is finished-March 3, 2020 (Tue) 11:59
Distribution date: Scheduled to be distributed sequentially from March 4, 2020 (Wed) 12:00

Ver.1.3 Update Commemorative Login Bonus───────

We will implement a login bonus commemorating the Ver.1.3 update. You will receive a haro chip, standard gacha ticket, awakening circuit δ, etc. with 14 days of login. Please log in with this opportunity!
After maintenance on February 26, 2020 (Wed)-March 11, 2020 (Wed) 4:59

Days Reward Quantity
1 Capital 1,000,000
2 Enhanced Memory / DX (AI) 5
3 Box Expansion Ticket 2
4 Proof of Building Training (★3) 1
5 EN Recovery Strong 2
6 Standard Gacha Ticket 2
7 Reinforced Nippers / DX (ALL) 10
8 Capital 1,000,000
9 Haro Chips 500
10 Awakening circuit δ 1
11 Capital 1,000,000
12 AI Awakening circuit δ 1
13 Standard Gacha Ticket 2
14 Haro Chip 1,000

Ver.1.3 Update Commemorative Comeback Login Bonus───

For users who last logged in more than 14 days ago, we will conduct a comeback campaign to get great items. Please restart with this opportunity!

Days Reward Quantity
1 EN recovery Strong 1
2 Reinforced Nippers / DX (ALL) 10
3 Capital 500,000
4 Enhanced Memory / DX (AI) 10
5 Box Expansion Ticket 2
6 EN Recovery Strong 2
7 Standard Gacha Ticket 10

After maintenance on February 26, 2020 (Wed)-March 11, 2020 (Wed) 4:59

[ALL USERS] Beginner Coin Gift─────────

For those who will be playing "Gundam Breaker Mobile" newly, we will give you a "Beginner Coin" that can be exchanged for a set of aircraft. There are five types of Beginner Coins for each part (Head / Body / Arms / Legs / Back).
The parts of this campaign have excellent performance compared to parts of the same rarity level, and the parameter rise due to strengthening and awakening is set high. Take this opportunity to start the game at great value.
[Beginner coin exchange machine]

No. Rarity Gunpla Name
1 ★ 1 Astray red frame [beginner campaign]
2 ★ 1 Force Impulse Gundam [beginner campaign]
3 ★ 1 Pale Rider [beginner campaign]
4 ★ 1 Duel Gundam Assault Shroud [Beginner Campaign]
5 ★ 1 Beginning 30 Gundam [Beginner Campaign]
6 ★ 1 GP01 [Zephyranthes FB / beginner campaign]
7 ★ 1 Gundam Visago [beginner campaign]
8 ★ 1 Tallgeese I [Endless Waltz Edition / Beginner Campaign]
9 ★ 1 Gundam Exia [beginner campaign]
10 ★ 1 Victory Gundam [beginner campaign]

After maintenance on Wednesday, February 26, 2020-permanent implementation (end date undecided)
【Delivery Date】
23:59 7 days after account creation


Information was pulled from the jp website, will update if anything is different
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2019.05.21 04:39 imaginary_num6er May 16th Dev Post: How Staff Balance Units in GBO2

I am surprised no one mentioned it here when it was posted on May 16th, but the GBO2 devs go through the details on how they balance units.

Basically to give a quick summary, every battle within GBO2 is tabulated with stats like "Team Win Rate", "Obtained Score", "Damage Dealt", "Average Match Stats", etc. including stats that are not public. Of those different stats, the staff pays particular attention to Team Win Rate for each unit.

Battles considered for evaluation for balancing must fit the 3 criteria:
  1. Must be a rated battle: Battle must be where players are serious in winning
  2. Players must be above a certain rank: Player must be above a certain experience level
  3. Data collected for new release units are discarded: Assumes players need time to use the unit

Question: Why team win rate?
Answer: Long story short, dev team cannot consider the different permutations of 1:1 unit balance and because a unit's strength is dependent on how it fits with the team, the Team Win Rate stat is what is being used.

If a unit is identified as needing re-balancing, the target Team Win Rate is 50%. The devs give an elaborate example of how they re-balanced the G-3 Gundam. In summary, Team Win Rate for 450 cost, lv1 went from 45.8% (450 Cost Raid average: 51.1%) to 48.9%, unlimited cost, lv2 Team Win Rate went from 48.9% (Unlimited Cost Raid average: 51.1%) to 51.8%.

The devs also describe the goal of Raid units having the some ability to get up close and deal maximum damage at close range.
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2019.03.28 06:30 yaoyao9 March 28 Update - New MS, etc.

March 28 Update - New MS, etc.
"I'm counting on you... Please hit! Goooooo!" Campaign
New MS
Gundam Unit 04 - 450 General Type, Ground and Space, 3-Star Special MS. LV1
  • A Gundam unit specialized for Space Combat, equipped with experimental beam technology!
  • Features a difficult to use but jaw-droppingly powerful Mega Beam Launcher
  • Features splendid mobility and a vast arsenal of weapons, allowing for quick position changes and combat at multiple distances!
  • 13500 hp, 19 anti range, 20 anti beam, 9 anti melee, 35 range, 10 melee, 130 speed, 55 thruster.
  • slots: 10 close 12 mid 10 long.
  • Primary Weapon
    • Hyper Beam Rifle - 1800 power, 400 range, 55 heat
    • Beam Saber - ??
  • Secondary Weapon
    • Vulcans
    • Hand Beam Unit - 200 power, 150 range, 20 heat
    • Hyper Beam Launcher - 6500 power, 800 range, 100 heat
    • Large Shield
  • Skills - Dodge Roll 1, quick boost 2, balancer 1, melee controller 1 (2 swings), radar 2, scope 2, data link 1.
    Rolling a 10-spin now (not 10 individuals) will grant 1 additional item. Roll to try and complete the G4 Experiment Squad pilot uniform to look just like Luce Cassel!
New Levels
  • Dom Barrage LV2 - 3 star
  • Rail Cannon Lv2 - 2 star
New RT Items
  • High Mobility Gelgoog LV1
  • Dra-C LV2
  • Cooling System LV4
  • AD-ASL LV2
Removed From Gacha
  • Acguy LV3
  • Efreet Kai Wrist Grenade LV2
  • Heat Sword x2 LV2
  • Zaku II FS LV4
Unit Rebalance
  • G-3 Gundam Buffed
    • Speed buffed from 130 to 135
    • Horizontal Movement Speed buffed
    • Enhanced Beam Saber buffed to increase chance of engaging in a saber clash
    • Beam Rifle buffed. Power buffed from 675 to 1000, charging time decreased, overheat recovery time adjusted
  • Z'gok E Buffed
    • Movement animation buffed (no speed change)
    • New Skill, Special Head Cushion added
    • missiles buffed from 300 to 400, hitboxes adjusted, firing animation changed, stun rate increased, reload time adjusted
  • Z'gok Buffed
    • Movement animation buffed (no speed change)
    • New Skill, Special Head Cushion added
    • missiles LV 2 buffed from 210 to 225, hitboxes adjusted, firing animation changed, stun rate increased, reload time adjusted
  • Gyan Buffed
    • HP Buffed from 13750 to 14750
    • movement animations changed
    • New Skill, Maneuver Armor LV2 added
      • Maneuver Armor LV2 - in addition to the stun resistance offered by LV1, LV2 now also offers damage reduction while boosting in addition to increasing the threshold for stacked stuns (EG bullet stun) required to stagger a unit out of a boost.
New Spring Life Support Campaign - Welcome New Troops - Get 5 Units NOW
Logging in now entitles you to the 5 following units.
  • Acguy LV1
  • GM Sniper Custom LV1
  • Gouf LV1
  • Dom LV1
  • Gundam LV1
The PSN's 53 token deal (5,400 yen) is now 50% off
Premium War Emblems
By completing monthly missions, one can obtain Premium War Emblems (hereby just Emblems), offering special effects!
Bonus Effects
  1. Encouragement
    1. After teams are assigned, this skill becomes able to be activated.
    2. The activator receives a buff in EXP and DP gain, as well as a buff in the chance of finding a recon crate
    3. This effect is shared with teammates should the battle be won.
  2. Increase limit for recon crates
    1. Continuous effect.
  3. Increase the selection of items in the RT shop
    1. Continuous effect
Emblems increase in stage based on the number of missions you complete. The higher the rank, the bigger the bonus and more chances to activate skills that aren't continuous
New Pilot Rank
First Lieutenant Rank added
New Training Missions
Middle and Advanced grade training missions for all 3 MS types in Space are now added
Battle System Changes
When playing as a pilot, fall time from high areas has been decreased. Fall faster, get back up faster.
Pilot thruster cost and recovery time has been adjusted to ensure greater chance of survival
Map Changes
New Map, Training Ground, added to Free Practice mode
Crash Site's fog has been adjusted.
System Changes
Custom Match's random assignment has now been tweaked to make both teams more balanced
In an effort to make Quick Match quicker, the search criteria has been expanded to include both higher and lower ratings.
Customization Changes
Leg and Head cushion skill flavor text has been altered to reflect the 10% buff they provide.
Base Camp Changes
When receiving a bonus item as part of a 10 roll (pilot suit items, for instance), a new animation will play that is exclusive to when these types of items are received.
A "cheers!" emotion action has been added. Do that instead of doing situps or squats when you have time to kill.
Other Changes
Max limit for Recycle Tickets and Tokens have increased from 9,999 to 99,999. Get to whaling.
For mission number displays, Japan has aligned with the US in providing commas between every digits.
When requesting rolls while lacking enough tokens, the option will now send you to the PSN store to buy tickets, so you can stop being so broke.
Bug Fixes (listing only issues that will now no longer happen)
  • Machinegun firing animation not playing
  • Silent Tackles
  • A MS seeing the point capture gauge when touching the control point being captured by another pilot
  • pilot facing the wrong way when spawning
  • Thruster gauge disappearing when pilot boosts downwards in space
  • dodge roll 2 MS simply overheating their thruster instead of dodging a second time
  • when approaching a unlocked hijack MS, the prompt saying "unlock" instead of "board"
  • 2 MS docking in 1 Skiure
  • charging beam reticles never turning blue after charging
  • enemies ignoring down swings by inputting specific commands
  • tackle-jumping by pointing the reticle up and flying upwards in a tackle motion
  • DS flickering due to having markings placed in strange places
  • DS visor looking weird
  • Efreet and DS having a silent cockpit when boarding them
  • GM Trainer shoulder lights blinking when viewed in paint menu
  • GM Trainer left leg off center
  • Psycho Zaku shooting off sturm fausts from a weird place
  • Pale Rider leg missiles shutting off during the middle of firing
  • weapon shortcut menu looking weird
  • item database, with weapons that can be used on more than 6 MS, the "view more" option not showing up
  • when viewing MS/Weapon/Parts menus, the console can look strange
  • background of a match lobby not being the match location
  • error message when entering a full custom match lobby changed to "room full" instead of a code
  • when spamming the same emotion gestures in base camp, your emotions no longer display to other players
  • being able to move around in base camp while viewing another player's profile
  • Strange text showing up in training mode
  • Poor guide text for ratings matches
  • During intro tutorial, the emotion/pose menu icon being screwy
That is all. Go play the game.
General Update
Gacha Rates are now shown.
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2019.01.18 04:16 invisibullcow January 17 Update - New MS, etc.

First, a brief note:
So a lot of you probably know me as the mod who does all the news post translations. Some of you may have noticed that last week's update was delayed by about 10 hours or so and this week's was delayed by almost 24.
Suffice it to say, I've got some real life stuff that's still ongoing and so will probably be somewhat less on-point with respect to the updates for a couple of weeks. If someone else wants to take the mantle for that period of time they're more than welcome to, otherwise I'll still get the posts up when I can, just on a little delay.
That out of the way:




Gatcha Link: Click Here
BanneUpdate Info Links: Click Here 1; Click Here 2; Click Here 3; Click Here 4
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2018.12.20 06:20 invisibullcow December 20 Update - New MS, Christmas Event, etc.





Gatcha Link: Click Here
BanneUpdate Info Links: Click Here 1; Click Here 2; Click Here 3; Click Here 4
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2018.11.29 06:07 invisibullcow November 29 Update - New MS, etc.


Stats: 16000 HP, 12 LA Resist, 10 Beam Resist, 14 Melee Resist, 23 Shooting Bonus, 12 Melee Bonus, 80 Speed, 45 Thruster, 5/11/8 Parts, High Performance Radar Lv 2, High Performance Scope Lv 1, Observational Data Link Lv 1, Precision Shelling Lv 1, Enhanced Tackle Lv 1. Strangely it does NOT have Ground specialization (oversight?). Primary weapon is a fully automatic rocket launcher with very high DPS (12 round magazine, 450 range, reasonably fast reload, decent projectile speed) that fires out of both hands but prevents movement while firing; secondary is a quad-barreled Mega Particle Cannon that fires like a long-ranged (300m) shotgun out of its chest and can hit up to 2400 damage at close range but generates tremendous heat (96 per volley).



Gatcha Link: Click Here
BanneUpdate Info Links: Click Here 1; Click Here 2
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2018.10.17 23:48 DogeNeverEndin Weekly Update: A Ranking, Changes, Halloween Event

They have released the late October plans on the website:
New Ranking Tier: A Rank (Next Update)
From the data they provide, there's about 22% of the total players that has reached rank B+. With this, they'll be increasing the ranking into A rank on the next update.
Ranking points adjustment (Late October)
The current ranking point system didn't have any difference in terms of gain & losing points, even when your at high rank. With the new adjustment, higher ranks will get more point loss when they lose.
Rank D- to D+: -7 when lost
Rank C- to C+: -8 when lost
Rank B- to B+: -9 when lost
Rank A- to A+: -10 when lost
Custom Chat (Late October)
You can now customize your own chat, which can be used in battles. Up to 4 types of chat can be set, with a maximum of 8 characters, due to this is a JP game.
Halloween Events (24 October)
To celebrating Halloween, the game will be doing events which gives you tokens/units/etc. And the basecamp will be decorated to match the season.
Map Updates
They are updating existing maps for balance. Small changes are coming later this month.
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2017.09.22 14:08 Everyday_Legend Gundam Versus ver.1.05 Patch Notes (9/25/17)
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^ Original post
Terrible Google Translation:
Update data Ver.1.05 delivery notice
Update data (Ver.1.05) will be delivered around 10:00 on September 25, 2017.
▼ Update version Ver.1.05
▼ Update applied date and time
September 25, 2017 (Monday) Apply sequentially from around 10:00
※ This update will be downloaded automatically by launching this product while signing in "PlayStation®Network".
▼ Update contents
· "1on1" is added to "Player Match"
· Support for saving room search conditions of "Player Match"
· Corresponds to country / area restrictions of matching range of "casual match"
· Added new extra battle "Playable Boss Challenge" to "Ultimate Battle"
· At the extra battle "Destroyer" of "Ultimate Battle", charged DLC aircraft to playable
· Within a specific mission of "trial battle", charged DLC fleet appeared as enemy aircraft
· Add a new stage
· Handle penalties to occur under certain conditions during online competition
· Corresponds so that damage value to enemy aircraft is displayed in battle waiting matching online game
· Fixed a phenomenon that occurred under certain conditions during battle
· Corrected the phenomenon that arises under certain conditions for arming of playable aircraft
  • The ability adjustment of playable aircraft and striker will be carried out at the update data version 1.06 scheduled to be distributed in early October 2017. Adjustment content will be released soon.
Details of the update are as follows.
■ "1on1" is added to "Player Match"
· You will be able to create and search 1on1 rooms with player match.
· In the room of 1on1, online competition can be performed with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 18 users.
· The matching rule of room of 1on1 is "shuffle".
■ It corresponds to saving room search conditions of "Player Match"
· The previous search contents are saved, making it easier to search.
■ Corresponds to country / region restrictions of matching range of "casual match"
· Like the player match, you can select either "same country / region only" or "world wide", and you can limit the matching range.
Added new extra battle "Playable Boss Challenge" to "Ultimate Battle"
· In "Playable Boss Challenge", one player uses a huge boss "Big Zam" instead of the selected aircraft, and performs a battle with other players and CPUs.
· Player who operates 'Big · Zam' randomly decides when extra battle occurs.
■ At the extra battle "Destroyer" of "Ultimate Battle", charged DLC aircraft to playable
  • Extra battle "Destroyer" which occurs while playing "Ultimate Battle" becomes a special specification.
· In the special specification "Destroyer", all players will play a battle using the additional playable mobile suits scheduled to be delivered as pay DLC, not the selected aircraft being selected.
· From 9/29 (Friday) around 21 o'clock, charged DLC fleet scheduled to be delivered in September will be playable at special design "Destroyer".
■ Paid DLC fleet appeared as an enemy machine within a specific mission of "trial battle"
· From 9/25 (Monday) around 10:00 pm DLC fleet scheduled to be delivered in September appears as an enemy aircraft within a specific mission.
■ Add a new stage
· Add the new stage "Forest (late night)".
· Add the new stage "New Hong Kong (Evening)".
■ Correspond to the penalty to occur under specific conditions during online competition
· If you terminate the battle under specific conditions during online competition, a penalty will be raised to zero acquisition GP.
■ Matching Online Battle Corresponds so that the damage value to the enemy aircraft is displayed in the waiting battle
· In the battle waiting for matching, the damage value to the enemy aircraft will be displayed.
■ Fix a phenomenon that occurs under certain conditions during game
· For multiple airframes, correct the phenomenon that looks become unnatural by performing specific action after guard.
■ Correct the phenomenon that arises under certain conditions about the arming of the playable fuselage
· Correct the phenomenon that multiple beams · naginata appear when you wake up at a specific timing for "sub shooting" of "sharp exclusive gel gug".
· Correct the phenomenon that the charge gauge is not consumed under certain circumstances with respect to charge shooting of "Cuberry".
· Correct the phenomenon that the number of bullets recovers under certain circumstances with respect to sub-shooting of "Cubeleigh".
· For "Sotheby" left and right key insertion fight, change the effect at hit.
· Correct the phenomenon of "Kushatriya" 's movement motion which stops hover movement after specific action.
· For "Banshi" awakening skill, correct the phenomenon that the fire pillar will not come out when the main shot is out of bullets.
· For moving motion of "Altron Gundam", correct the phenomenon of becoming unnatural movement motion after specific action.
· For the charge shooting of "Altron Gundam", if you use cancellation from specific actions, fix the phenomenon that the dragon hang will look unnatural.
· Fighting of 'Gundam Epion' Under the key down Increase the behavior of the camera about special fight derivation.
· For Gundam Exia repair of "Gundam Exia", fix the phenomenon that it can not return to the battle without becoming Gundam Exia repair under specific circumstances.
· Relax the phenomenon that the hit does not stabilize on a specific aircraft about "Awakening technique of" Graham exclusive union flag custom ".
· Correct the phenomenon of consuming the number of bullets of normal shooting when sub shooting is performed at a specific timing with respect to the sub shooting at the time of floating "G - Alcaine (Full Dress)".
· For the awakening skill of 'Gundam · Kimalis trooper', relieve the phenomenon that the hit does not stabilize for a specific aircraft.
· For the arming of "Psycho-Zaku", correct the phenomenon that arming behavior becomes inappropriate when awakening at specific timing.
· Fix the phenomenon that fighting performance will not be strengthened during awake about "Fighting during Hayes" invocation of "Pile Riders (Landfight Weight Specification)".
· For BD fighting of "Pile Riders (Land Battles Heavy Duty Specification)", fix the phenomenon that the number of attacks decreases during awakening.
· Correct the phenomenon that the number of fins and funnels increased under specific circumstances during resonance of psycho-frame of "Hi-ν Gundam".
Thank you for your continued support "GUNDAM VERSUS" in the future.
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