Dating Fender Bassman

The most important thing to keep in mind when dating a Fender is the highly modular nature of the designs. Like Henry Ford, part of Leo Fender's genius was in optimizing the company's production efficiency. His guitars were built en masse by an entire factory, not a single luthier toiling over one instrument at a time. Need Help in Dating a Fender '59 Bassman 410 Reissue. Need help dating Fender Tweed 59' Bassman (reissue) I have a Fender '59 Bassman reissue that i purchased in 1996. How do I know... Help dating my Fender Bassman LTD 59' 4x10. Looking for manufacture date for Fender Bassman 135. Serial ... The original Fender TV-front Bassman of 1952 was a bare-bones amp with two knobs (volume and tone) and two instrument inputs on a top-mounted control panel, a bottom-mounted copper-plated steel chassis and what Fender billed as a “specially designed” Jensen P15N speaker. It was the first Fender amp with a closed back; this had two large ... Up a diagram detailing what kind of tubes are several experimental fender bassman amps by matching serial and i just published a bass, not four. Iirc, can be a specific model was designed for silver face amps i posted before 1994 dating bassman 100, manufactured. Neither the good amp. So the blonde amplifiers. Fender bassman 250 was manufactured. I promise the tables will still be there after you finish reading. Besides, no article in the Dating Fender Amps by Serial Number series would be complete without some interesting information, ... Bassman 5B6 (tweed) 0001 to 0300 – 1951 0300 to 0400 – 1952 0400 to 0600 – 1953 . Bassman 5D6, 5D6-A (tweed) 0600 to 0900 – 1954 . The Fender Bassman Amplifier has gained a reputation for being the go-to amp for both electric guitar and bass players. The warm tube sound was introduced in 1952 when the first Bassman model was designed for Fender Precision Bass guitars. Shortly thereafter, the Bassman would become the most sought after amplifier for country and rock guitar ... Product Dating Find out exactly when your instrument or amplifier was manufactured. How can I find out when my American-made instrument was manufactured? ... How can I find out when my old Fender® banjo was manufactured? How can I find out how old my instrument is if it uses an odd or non-standard serial numbering scheme; Bassman AA864, AA165, AB165 (blackface) A00100 to A03800 - 1964 A03800 to A15000 - 1965 A15000 to A25000 - 1966 A24000 to A33000 - 1967 Bassman AB165, AC568, AA270, AA371 (silverface) A32000 to A40000 - 1967 ... DATING FENDER TRANSFORMERS, SPEAKERS & POTENTIOMETERS USING EIA CODES EIA ... Need Help in Dating a Fender '59 Bassman 410 Reissue I need help in dating my Fender Amp and if anyone can attach a value to her that would be great. Her condition is excellent there are no marks or tears anywhere on the amp, the control panel is also exellent and it was just checked out by Voodoo Amps and in perfect working order. Special thanks to Bassman specialist extraordinaire, Clarke Blanton for his assistance with updating the Bassman dating tables and providing other Bassman facts and figures. Not too many people know more about the Bassman than Clarke.

Day Wave - Knowledge Base (Headcase / Hard to Read)

2020.09.23 18:58 DayWaveGod Day Wave - Knowledge Base (Headcase / Hard to Read)

Aight, here is everything I know about Day Wave - taken all from interviews and photos available online and AMA's.
Day Wave is a solo project by the Bay Area native Jackson Phillips. He started the project in late 2014 after pursuing a somewhat successful electro-pop band called Carousel. The switch was made because he wanted to produce more guitar-centric music similar to the bands he was into at the time; New Order, Joy Division, The Beach Boys, The Cranberries, Smashing Pumpkins - so he started Day Wave.
He initially didn't know what to call the band until his friend wrote out a list of potential names. Day Wave was one of them, and it stuck. (Night Wave was an option, lol).
Headcase / Hard to Read / Just Give In + Never Going Home
Jackson wrote his first two EP's in his basement in Oakland; Headcase and Hard To Read. He had just purchased an electric guitar (telecaster), learned how to pick, and started writing Day Wave songs immediately. The first three songs written were Promises, Nothing At All, and Total Zombie. Promises has a different vibe than the other early tracks, it is more hopeful and positive, it did not make the first two EP's but his later album; The Days We Had.
The most successful song on the first EP was "Drag". Interestingly enough, Drag was almost scrapped while Jackson was working on it. It took a few revisions and some restructuring before he changed his mind. He didn't think much of the song but his manager really wanted to push it. It was uploaded to soundcloud and took off via hypemachine. Now it his most popular to date. In his AMA Jackson mentions he had a harder time writing Drag than any other Day Wave song.
During this time period he met Eleisha Caripis (Hazel English) at a book store after taking his synth off to a nearby store to be serviced. He discovered that they shared similar tastes in music and that she was interested in writing her own. They began meeting regularly to record songs, which ended up being English's double EP; (Just Give In/Never Going Home). Jackson recorded all instruments and provided backup vocals on the album
These three EP's were completely self-recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jackson, with the exception of Hazel English's vocals.
Fender Telecaster - 1964 AV Reissue
Fender P-Bass
Fender Jazzmaster
Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb (Blackface)
Fender Bassman (Bass amp)
DW Kick Drum
Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Snare - 6" or 5.5" (muted)
Roland TR606 - "Drumatix"
Juno 6 synth (Broke later and got a Juno 60)
Shure SM57
Sennheiser e835
TEAC A-2300S reel to reel (Vital to the semi lo-fi sound)
Logic 9
Waves GTR Stomp (Spring Reverb and Reverb)
API 560
All instruments were recorded hot through the TEAC A-2300S which really pushes the analog saturation. Drums were recorded as one shots of the kit he owns and sampled over top of 606 samples.
Pedals (Used live):
Juno - Cathedral Reverb
Guitar Pedals:
Sludgehammer Fuzz
Tone Candy Spring Fever
Mooer King Ensemble Chorus
Mooer PureBoost
Diet Cig - Over Easy EP (Strumming patterns)
Total Zombie - Disorder Joy Division (Guitar lead line)
We Try But We Dont Fit In - Perfect by Smashing Pumpkins (Lead Line)
Hazel English - Control - Dreams by The Cranberries (Lead line)
Touring members;
Jackson Phillips - SingeRhythm Guitar
Kevin Friedman / Alex Lasner - Lead Guitar
Henry Moser - Bass
Jack Moser - Synth (Henry's brother)
Nick De Ryss - Drums
Jackson met Henry in middle school and they played in a few bands together growing up - eventually transitioning into jazz music. Jack is Henry's older brother, I believe Nick and Alex were friends from middle / high school as well. Jackson met Kevin in college - I think they were roommates.
Will continue as I have more time
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2020.05.05 20:52 WhenTheRainsCome Amp and cab sim pedals - what's good in 2020?

I've been out of the loop for a couple years, wondering what's new, good, hyped, overhyped in Amp in a box pedals. My up-to-date info stops at the first wave of the micro Mooer amp pedals. Seems like there was a lot of new development happening in amp sims, cab sims, IR, especially in pedal form.
What I'm looking for specifically is a pedal board friendly option for a hobbyist, new dad, few-hours-a-week to make music lifestyle. My primary motivation is to get consistent recording tones while still having my board in play and never having to make a DIY iso box and futz with mic positioning..
Edit: Went with a Torpedo CAB M, with a view that I can mix and match that with various amp-in-a-box pedals. Keeping those separate effectively gives me FX loop based on where I put the preamp ahead of the poweramp simulation.
The first preamp pedal I ordered is a Catalinbread SFT v2. I'm excited!
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2020.01.13 15:56 heavym Fender Bassman 50 2 x 15 cabinet - How to I date this? (Pic of serial number)

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2019.01.08 07:56 WhiskeyRanting RDA Recap - January 7, 2019

Oh! Right! This is a thing I do. I'm putting down the Switch.
Hello all you beautiful people, and welcome to the Radio Dead Air Recap. As the name implies, this is where your humble narrator attempts to chronicle all the music played, topics discussed, and insanity unleashed on Monday's Radio Dead Air - just in case anyone can't make it, or can't remember the name or artist of a particular track.
This is technically the second show of 2019, the first having been the second half of last week's show. If you missed it for a New Year's party or can't remember for whatever reason, go look at the recap u/Am_I_Devo posted of it, and don't forget to thank them for this week's links. They do good work and should be appreciated for it.
Everyone back? Okay, cool. This is your weekly RDA Recap - as always, enjoy yourself, and let me know if I've made any mistakes with link placement. Let's dive in.
Soul Asylum - "Can't Even Tell"
Nash finished a new video! The amp building thingy! It will be shown live on RDA first and put up on YouTube within the week. "When did I sleep? That's not a good question. [...] It's gonna be an interesting night."
Richard Thompson - "Razor Dance"
Syd Straw - "The Toughest Girl in the World"
Church of the Cosmic Skull - "Science Fiction"
Rilo Kiley - "I Remember You"
Nash - Musical Chair: 59 Fender Bassman (No link for this one yet. Wait for it.)
Alanis Morissette - "Hand in my Pocket"
CHVRCHES - "The Mother We Share"
Castle Grayskull Man!
Ze Frank - "Sad Dog Diary"
Breaking Conspiracy - "Everybody (Backstreet Boys metal cover)
Kevin Smith is rebooting Jay and Silent Bob for Netflix. Nash doesn't know how to feel about it and neither do I. "Clerks and the View Askewniverse, that was a Time and a Place. I don't know how they're going to patch it all together and make it relevant to Now. If it's a reboot about reboots, that's interesting. I don't know! I'm willing to give it a chance."
"I'm definitely going to need some coffee to continue this nonsense."
The Cars - "Shake It Up"
DJ Cummerbund - "Freaktender"
Frisbee Dog Fail
Homestar Runner - Strongbad Email #81: Date
Halocene - "Tell Me It's Over (Avril Lavigne rock cover)"
A very lazy floofbreak.
"I am well beyond fuck it. It is a quarter past fuck it, according to my sarcasm watch. Fuck it, Bonnie Tyler."
Bonnie Tyler - "Holding Out For A Hero"
Teenage Wrist - "Stoned, Alone"
They Might Be Giants - "Am I Awake?"
Arrested Development - "Tennessee"
Nash implores the pets to get jobs. "What would Loki do for a job? He could shed! He sheds enough in a week to make a whole new dog!" Or dog hair coats. "Bundles of Loki! Our sheep doesn't have wool, but our dog does, three bags full."
Some bill paying ensues. We here at the RDA Recap fully endorse the show's sponsors, because we love them.
Nash is having himself A Night. He's tired and over-caffeinated and Tara's on Day 2 of a migraine. This is gonna be a weird one, folks.
STORY 1: Hotel Guest Wearing 'Casper the Ghost-Style' Sheet Robs NJ Inn
STORY 2: 'Butt Crack Bandits' spotted outside Cedar Rapids
STORY 3: Police find drugs in box labeled 'Not Dope'
STORY 4: Florida men arrested for allegedly stealing $500,000 of tequila on New Year's Eve
STORY 5: Florida teacher vandalized park with human feces to ruin principal's party
STORY 6: Cops say a would-be kidnapper chased a woman - into a karate studio. That was a bad move.
Pushing Up Roses - Weirdest Goosebumps Episode
Basement Jaxx - "Where's Your Head At"
Gopher Yelling
Bad Lip Reading - "It's Not A Moon (Star Wars Bad Lip Reading)"
Joey Bada$$ - "Land of the Free"
"I am going to keep trying to do mouth things on the computer for strangers. I'm bizarrely eloquent when I'm sleep-dep, and it's not in a good way. It's like eloquent stupidity. I phrase my idiocy in a pleasing fashion. Sadly, this is a life skill in the twenty-first century."
New Doctor Who! It's a Dalek episode. "But it's a Dalek episode in...the take on the Dalek was so unsettling, deliberately so, that was the point of it. [...] Fuck, someone's gonna have nightmares. And they're gonna enjoy them, because they earned them." Despite being a Dalek episode, they kept it small-scale, no grand universal bullshit. Just a Dalek being a threatening monster.
"Can I make it another hour? Probably not. But I'm gonna try, 'cause I'm stupid."
Rap Critic - Top 10 Worst Lyrics of 2018: Part 1 & Part 2
Snails and Botnek - "Waffle House"
Jade Bird - "Uh Huh"
Weird Al Yankovic - "White and Nerdy"
Herbie Hancock - "Rockit"
Nash finally calls it and declares an end to the night's insanity. He goes on to say the new Musical Chair should be up within the week, and there will be a game stream on Wednesday and Tech Q&A on Saturday. I'ma go back to Smash Bros now.
Pearl Jam - "Alive"
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2017.06.06 18:34 The_Blue_Courier [GEAR] Rommate got a new Strat so it was time for a family photo.
Someone asked to see how i hang my guitars. I figured I'd show off the whole group in an effort to add content to the sub. I wrote a blurb about everything in case anyone was interested. Not much but better than nothing.
To hang them i took a 2x8x12 construction grade board and stained it with whatever i had laying around. 4 string swings later and finding some studs and ta-da.
Starting top left:
Fender P bass, found it at a local antique shop. Paint job is awful but it does the job for when we need bass.
Fender Stratocaster Mod Shop: Roomies new axe. Ordered it from Fenders mod shop. Took maybe 3 weeks to get here. Loaded with Texas specials. Arrived an hour ago and he's at work and hes dying to play it.
Fender Stratocaster Mexican: Roomies old Strat. Just a standard.
Gretsch Center Block: Hollow body loaded with Filtron Black Tops. Sounds great, not overly feedbacky.
1963 Fender Stratocaster: Posted here before and got the correct date. It was my grandfather's and i love it to death.
Fender Stratocaster Mexican: Standard Strat. It was my dad's and ive been "borrowing" it for the last ten years. Was my one and only for awhile, put noiseless single coils in it and put a push pull pot in.
Fender Stratocaster Elite: My new Strat. Best guitar ive played. Humbucker in the bridge. S1 switch. Little button the switches to the bridge and boosts it.
Shecter Hellraiser Solo Special: Active EMGs. Doesn't compare to the new strat. Trying to sell her.
Taylor 114 CE: Great acoustic and i recommend it. My first solid top acoustic but looking to upgrade to maybe a 600.
Martin Custom X Series: Roomies acoustic. Better than what he had but admits he likes my taylor better.
Takamine G series: Not the best 12 string I've ever played but fills the need for a 12.
Mitchell Acoustic: My first guitar. $200 10 years ago from guitar center with my dad.
Fender Bassman reissue: 50 Watt tube 4x10. Doesn't sound good until its annoy the neighbors volume.
Peavy 6505: Attenuates to 1, 5 or 20 watts. Great little head in my opinion. Jealous that its my roommates.
Blackstar 5: 5 Watt tube amp. Nice little amp. Wish it had more channels but not a big deal.
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2015.11.22 02:56 Ray_Swarles Need help dating a Fender Bassman Ten!! Thanks!!

Hey there guys! I hope you are all surviving the beginning of winter (if you live in the northern hemisphere!)
I just got a quick question. So fate has it that a silverface bassman ten has fallen into my possession. I would just like to find out what year it was made. The two numbers that could be serial numbers are...
I looked around and came across this website
BUT neither of my numbers really fit into the codes. The serial number that starts with the 'A' only has 6 figures.
Any help would be awesome. Thanks!
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2015.08.04 23:34 ThatMattGoodMusic [PLAY] One song, loads of interesting vintage and modern gear! Famous owners...Check it out! Here's the link! Lemme know what you think :) Vintage: Schecter Tele owned by Mark Knopfler (Used on Dire Straits recording Walk Of Life) ES-355 (owned by Clapton) 70's? Gretsch Country Gentleman Prototype (60s?) Fender MusicMaster Bass (70's?) Fender Bassman - not sure if old. Martin 12 string of some sort? (At least 80's)
Modern: Vox AC15 handwired Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Gibson Jumbo Acoustic (2003, ex abbey road) Ashdown MK500 bass head, Behringer Cabs.
Sorry for being so rubbish with names of most the gear, and not too sure on dates... Half the gear is owned by a guy I was doing session work for, other half is the guitarist I was playing with (Brian Love). Bass stack is mine though!
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2015.05.29 16:34 fuzzbass WTS/WTT 1965 Fender Bassman

I have for sale, a original 1965 Fender Bassman. It has the date OH on the tube chart, which I believe makes it an august of 1965.It has the AB165 circuit. It has been fitted with a standard three prong wall plug. It is all original except for replaced tubes and the new standard wall prong. The is no scratches or tears in the tolex or the front grill. Feel free to message me If you have any questions or would like more pictures. Would love to be able to trade for a Rickenbacker bass plus cash on my end. I am asking $850plus shipping
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Dating Fender amps by Chassis Serial Number - YouTube Fender® Super-Sonic™ Amplifier Demo  Fender - YouTube Is my Fender Guitar Amp a vintage Fender Amp? Fender Super-Sonic 60 (So Loud Your Teeth Will Shatter ... Add Midrange Control to your Fender Princeton Reverb and more Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Limited Edition Combo Amp Demo 1972 Fender Musicmaster Bass with Rice Custom pickup Vintage 1963 Fender Reverb Unit Demo - Pipeline - The ... Dating Fender Amps Cleaning Pots on Fender Deluxe Twin Reissue model - YouTube

How to Date a Fender Bassman Amplifier Our Pastimes

  1. Dating Fender amps by Chassis Serial Number - YouTube
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  3. Is my Fender Guitar Amp a vintage Fender Amp?
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  5. Add Midrange Control to your Fender Princeton Reverb and more
  6. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Limited Edition Combo Amp Demo
  7. 1972 Fender Musicmaster Bass with Rice Custom pickup
  8. Vintage 1963 Fender Reverb Unit Demo - Pipeline - The ...
  9. Dating Fender Amps
  10. Cleaning Pots on Fender Deluxe Twin Reissue model - YouTube

Fender AC568 Bassman Mods - Duration: ... Draining Filter Caps - Duration: 6:13. Recycled Sound 10,481 views. 6:13 '59 Fender 5F4 Super rehab ... Dating Fender amps by Chassis Serial ... Date and possibly help figure out what is and is not original to your vintage fender amplifier! Guitar Media ... Dating Fender Amps ... How to fix Noise + add Master Volume Fender Bassman 6L6 tube ... In this demonstration, Fender's Shane Nicholas runs through a variety of tones and features of the Super-Sonic amplifier. This 60-Watt all-tube amp delivers ... Today I am testing how loud the clean channels will go on the Fender Super-Sonic 60 before the amp starts to break up. This is a 60 Watt amp so it's really, ... I have owned this Silverface Fender Vibrolux reverb amp for many years now and decided to find out how old it is. This method can get you there, but it has its pitfalls! My lonely reverb unit never gets any recognition so I thought I would feature it one time. It was sounding a little on the weak side so I thought I would tun... Get It Now: The st... Repairs at Clean and Humble Episode 2 In this episode we show you how to open up a Fender Deluxe Twin Reverb Reissue model. We show how to get behind that an... 1972 Fender Musicmaster Bass Rice Custom single coil pickup Curt Mangan stainless flatwound strings 1963 Fender 6G6 Bassman Mojotone Bassman repro 2x12' cabinet Weber Legacy speakers Lava Clear ...